Camden Council has recently granted planning permission for the redevelopment of the office building, 77-79 Charlotte Street. The plans will see the existing building demolished and erection of a new part four, part five and part 6 storey building plus double basement to provide four flats along with office floorspace. You can view more details of the development plans here.
As the collaborative economy continues to develop, The Fayre Share Foundation (FSF) recognises the special value of bringing together faiths and charities to share their experiences and ideas, in order to collaborate and grow.
As a result, it is opening Collaboration House in Central London, a hub to galvanise this integration and to act as the physical representation of these values.
The concept of bringing charities together under one roof will enable them to build relationships and share resources in a new and innovative way.
Collaboration House will accommodate charities and faith organisations and will also provide hub space for start ups.
The new building will provide:
Space for new ways of working.
Access to business leaders and social entrepreneurs.
Opportunities to collaborate across sectors.
An embedded framework for local sharing and opportunities for swapping skills, tools, expertise and resources.
The potential for deepening the relationships of like-minded people from multi-faith and non-faith backgrounds.

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